The City and County of Denver today announced that the region is piloting a new mobility platform, powered by Xerox (NYSE: XRX), to help residents and tourists make transportation choices more easily. The platform, which includes the Go Denver app, also will provide data-driven insights into how Denver’s transportation infrastructure can be improved as the population continues to swell.

“Residents and tourists can use the Go Denver app to search for the cheapest, fastest and greenest way to move about the city,” said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. “We’re about meeting people where they are, and this new app puts transportation choices right at people’s fingertips, and helps us stay on top of changing commuter trends so we can provide even safer, sustainable transportation choices in the future.”

People 20 to 35 years old are moving to cities, where they now represent more than half the urban workforce. This generation thinks differently about transportation, prompting places like the City and County of Denver to re-think how people get from point A to point B.

“Denver’s track record for innovation combined with its region-wide transit system, large number of mobility providers, and bike-share program makes it an optimal city to roll out a mobility platform of this kind,” said David Cummins, senior vice president, Mobility Solutions, Xerox. 

Go Denver for residents and tourists
The app takes an individual’s destination and desired arrival time, and calculates the different routes available, categorized by “sooner,” “cheaper,” and “greener.”

It aggregates and calculates the time, cost, carbon footprint, and health benefits from walking, biking, driving, parking, taking public transit, as well as the emerging ride-hailing transportation options – such as Lyft, Zipcar, Car2Go, and FlitWays – giving users a variety of ways to reach their destination, taking into account real time traffic conditions.

“The app makes it very easy for me to compare my options for transportation,” said Lisa Nguyen, a Denver resident and Go Denver app user. “One of my favorite aspects is that it includes bike-share, car-share and ridesharing modes in addition to public transit, and you can see the best way to get to your destination in a certain amount of time.”

The app eventually will recommend and highlight personalized commuting options as it learns more about its user’s individual travel preferences. Users can also save trips they take often in the “My Rides” section of the app.

Useful Data for City Planners
Destination and preferred travel mode data is important information for a growing city to have so that they can plan where to build new transportation infrastructure such as bus or rail stops.

“If we can help people find better, faster and cheaper ways to go about their daily lives, we can improve the quality of our transportation network for all users,” said Crissy Fanganello, Denver’s director of transportation. “It’s critical that we provide our residents with access to mobility options so that they can make more informed decisions.”

More to Come
The next version of the app will integrate bookings and payments so that users can plan their entire trip with a single click of a button. Xerox also is working with its partners to include ridesharing so that users can carpool with people who are traveling in the same direction, as well as destination parking information. Users will eventually be able to create a profile where they can set goals related to their personal fitness, financials and time, and track them within the app.

The Go Denver app is now available for iOS and Android systems in the Apple and Google Play stores as well as at and A customized version of this app was rolled out by the City of Los Angeles in January 2016.

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