Conduent leveraging new technology from two recently granted patents for “smart” public transportation platform to improve service for commuters

Advanced data analytics and journey monitoring of multi-segment trips can improve wait times for commuters using public transportation

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conduent Transportation, a unit of business process services and solutions company Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT), today announced the award of patents designed to optimize schedules and trip planning for public transportation systems that aim to improve the commuting experience. Both patents cover features of the Conduent Mobility Analytics Platform.

The Conduent Mobility Analytics Platform aggregates and analyzes urban travel data to better understand user habits and to improve their experience. Using advanced data modeling capabilities across transport operations such as ticketing and fleet management, the platform can optimize the timing and predictability of travel schedules. The platform will also simulate the impacts of planned modifications such as new routes or fare policies.

The Conduent Mobility Analytics Platform is a powerful tool aimed at improving travelers’ experience. The two new technology patents protect Conduent’s intellectual property that enable this functionality, creating “smarter public transportation systems” currently adopted by several cities in Europe.   

The first patent, “Goal-based Travel Reconstruction,” uses a computerized system for tracking passengers who make multi-segment trips, including transfers, to reconstruct their full journeys. Presently, most transit systems only track when passengers board and not when they disembark. This technology uses boarding records and other data to reconstruct the journey and generate insights that can be used to optimize schedules across all segments of a commute. 

The second patent, “Efficient Optimization of Schedules in a Public Transportation System,” employs methods and systems for optimizing passenger transfers from one train, bus or transit line to another. The technology evaluates current schedules and precisely quantifies and models transfer times. Using ticket validation data to construct a realistic scenario-based model of the times, this approach can dynamically adjust the current schedules to reduce the overall expected wait time.

“We’re a leading provider of automated and analytics-based transportation solutions,” said Mark Brewer, President, Global Public Sector Solutions, Conduent. “And with these newly patented technologies, we can work with cities to make improvements in people’s lives who rely on public transportation while attracting new commuters with more efficient scheduling, reduced wait times and greater convenience. We’re continuing to make technology investments to help our clients further improve service for their passengers.”

Both of these patents differentiate Conduent’s public transit solutions, which deliver the latest in fare collection, intelligent mobility and CAD/AVL technology to global public transit agencies. 

The patents, along with the others awarded this year, add to Conduent's portfolio of more than 550 U.S. Patents and approximately 140 pending U.S. Patent Applications.

Conduent Transportation provides various solutions spanning roadway charging and management, parking and curbside management, and advanced transit and public safety systems, enabling streamlined and personalized services for citizens and travelers who use them. The company has been helping transportation clients for more than 50 years and operates in 27 countries.

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