FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Conduent, the world’s largest provider of diversified business services, has released the Midas Hospital Risk Adjustment Model which provides analytical data to healthcare providers to assist them self-evaluate their health outcomes and improve care. The model can provide insight on mortality, hospital acquired complications, unplanned readmissions, length-of-stay, and charges.

No two patients are the same, and hospitals are being challenged to provide more accurate risk adjustment when self-evaluating their performance. While two patients may have the same condition, other health factors may be implicated in diagnosis and treatment. Each Midas risk adjustment model is based on anywhere from 20 to 600 of these different health factors, which are determined using advanced analytics.

“Conduent Midas Health Analytics Solutions is an important partner to us at Genesis,” said Jon H. Lemke, Ph.D., Chief Biostatistician, Genesis Health System. “We’ve been able to apply the new risk adjustment model to solve clinical problems, reduce readmissions, and ultimately improve health outcomes for our patients.”

Risk adjustment models are often developed using retrospective data that can be months and even years old. The Midas model, however, is based on a continuous feed of data from hospitals’ information systems, resulting in more near-time and accurate information, allowing case managers and quality professionals to manage care more proactively.

And while the majority of risk adjustment methodologies leverage historic, ICD-9 claims data, the Midas model utilizes clinically detailed ICD-10 data, along with patient demographics and other variables, from over 800 US hospitals. Using machine learning methodologies to detect very subtle differences between individual patients, Midas models can risk adjust clinical and financial outcomes data for hospitalized patients for the various healthcare providers.

“Dynamic, comprehensive and accurate data is vital to healthcare providers and their patients,” said Clayton Nicholas, General Manager, Healthcare Provider Industry, Conduent. “It’s amazing to see how our clients are using this new risk adjustment model to improve quality of care as well as financial performance.”

Conduent is an integral player across the healthcare industry ecosystem, handling everything from claims processing to patient records and workflow. Conduent Midas Health Analytics Solutions is used in over 2,200 U.S. hospitals, helping organizations manage, measure, monitor and improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

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