FLORHAM PARK, N.J., April 19, 2023 -- According to new research from Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT), a global technology-led business solutions and services company, to drive employee engagement and satisfaction, Human Resource departments must leverage technologies to deliver a blend of digital and human interactions. According to survey respondents , this year HR teams are working on initiatives that deliver digital employee experiences, including technology implementations for employee listening tools (35%), improving human capital management platforms (34%) and increasing self-service features (33%).

“HR technology solutions must deliver digital experiences that meet the needs of employees, while also freeing up time for HR representatives to focus on more complex employee issues that require personal engagement,” said Michelle Hernandez, Vice President and General Manager at Conduent. “The stakes are high for getting HR experiences right because exceptional employee experiences are tied to increased employee engagement and greater loyalty.”

Conduent’s survey of 250 human resource professionals identified these as the most important technology features:

  • Leverages cloud-based HR software, applications and tools that are scalable.
  • Measures workforce satisfaction and engagement as an indicator of loyalty.
  • Provides a consistent, empathetic omnichannel workforce experience across delivery channels.
  • Consolidates data across the enterprise.
  • Provides managers with intuitive direct access to information and transactions.

“More than ever before, HR teams are working to get plugged into the voice of the employee and looking to technology to solve the challenge of getting the right information to employees at the exact right time,” said Hernandez. “Organizations must close the gap between how employees want to engage with HR and the current HR capabilities operating on legacy systems that silo data. Employees expect both a self-serve and high touch personalized experience to make decisions that can impact the quality of work life, health or finances.”

Conduent’s Life@Work® Connect is one example of an employee experience technology platform that integrates HR data and employee health, wealth and wellness information to create hyper-personalized experiences to improve employee engagement and productivity. For instance, with a comprehensive view of benefits, an employee who picks a high deductible health plan can see the option and benefit of a health savings account, which can build retirement savings. The targeted action plans and messaging for employees delivered across devices and in multiple languages can help HR teams increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more about how Conduent is helping businesses enhance their HR technology to improve business outcomes, visit: https://www.conduent.com/human-capital-solutions .

Survey methodology: An online survey with questions focused on digital practices and capabilities was completed by 250 human resource practitioners. The survey was conducted by Mercer | Leapgen for Conduent.

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