Agreement combines Hayden AI’s expertise in computer vision-based, real-time data collection and urban analytics with Conduent’s position as a leading global provider of public transportation and mobility solutions

Partnership to deliver an automated bus lane enforcement solution featuring a bus-mounted perception system that integrates with video analytics review and violation processing technologies

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., and SAN FRANCISCO, April 06, 2021 -- Conduent Transportation, a unit of business process services and solutions company Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT), and Hayden AI, an innovator in urban mobility and digital city solutions, today announced a teaming agreement to deliver technologically advanced solutions that will enhance traffic safety and efficiency for cities and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The first available offering from the companies is an automated solution that can improve the effectiveness of traffic lanes dedicated for public transit buses.

The partnership combines Hayden AI’s expertise in computer vision-based, real-time data collection and urban analytics with Conduent’s position as a leading global provider of public transportation and mobility solutions, including traffic enforcement and violations processing. Through technology and innovation, the companies will help agencies to manage traffic congestion and curbside space while lessening environmental impacts. Effective enforcement of bus lanes, for example, can enhance the flow of passenger buses, thereby improving public transportation services and traffic safety while reducing emissions from idling vehicles.

“We’re excited to bring Hayden AI’s technology and expertise to transportation agencies. Their deep domain expertise in bringing together perception, artificial intelligence and spatially-aware mapping capabilities, combined with our public safety expertise, can create innovative and unique possibilities for our transportation clients,” said Mark Brewer, Group President, Transportation Solutions at Conduent. “The partnership's offerings can improve the reliability and performance of traffic enforcement solutions, which are increasingly important to transportation agencies and the people they serve, especially in densely populated urban areas.”

The team’s automated bus lane enforcement solution includes a perception system mounted on the front of a bus that integrates with video analytics review and violation processing technologies, supporting the enforcement of local traffic regulations. The system can improve the speed and efficiency of bus lanes, provide a cost-effective and unbiased enforcement service, and increase utilization of reliable public transportation. The solution, which also provides agencies with data analytics and visualization to monitor effectiveness, also can be applied to additional fleet vehicle services, such as street sweepers and sanitation trucks.

“The Conduent name represents trust among government agencies, and we’re pleased to partner with the company to bring automated traffic enforcement and data management services to cities,” said Chris Carson, CEO and Founder of Hayden AI. “Conduent integrates innovative technologies, advanced analytical capabilities and end user-focused solutions to deliver exceptional outcomes for agencies and the millions of people they support.”

Conduent Transportation has more than 25 years of experience as an industry leader in traffic enforcement and currently provides one out of every four U.S. public safety enforcement systems, including those implemented to monitor speed and red-light traffic regulations. Independent studies, including from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, have shown that these programs can improve the safety of communities, particularly near schools, in work zones and at intersections.

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